The perfect Men’s shave

The perfect Men's shave

The perfect Men’s shave

The perfect Men’s shave. It’s a daily ritual that you either love or hate. Shaving is one way of achieving that clean-cut look.

As most men know, there are lots of different brands and shapes of razors on the market today.

All advertise that great smooth finish that is not only kind to your skin, but your overall look.

According to some dermatologists, it’s actually less about the shaving tools and more about your shaving preparation and technique.

Achieving that perfect shave is a combination of art and trial and error.

With all that said, there are easy steps every man can take to help ensure a clean and comfortable shave.

We have put together some tips for you to remember the next time it’s time to shave.

Make sure to wet your skin to soften the hairs

A really good time to shave is just after you have showered. Your skin will be nice and warm.

The hairs are moist and clean of excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog up your razor blade.

Use a foam shaving cream

If you are a guy who has dry or sensitive skin, opt for a shaving cream that has sensitive skin on the label.

After shaking the canister well, apply the cream in circular motion to the hairs on your face. You can do this by either using a shaving brush or your finger. By using a good shaving brush will help lift the hairs and coats more evenly.

Let the cream digest for three to four minutes

This especially applies if you have thicker facial hair. This allows the shaving cream to penetrate the hairs which soften them. While you are waiting why not brush your hair or clean your teeth.

Always shave in the direction that the hair grows

This is a vital step to remember. It helps prevent razor bumps and burns and avoids any unwanted cuts.

Make sure to rinse your razor after every rasp. This is important as it removes hairs in the razor head. It’s important to replace your razor head after every 5 shaves to minimise skin irritation.

Once you have completed your shave

Rinse with cold water. This will help reduce inflammation. Gentle dab your skin with a clean dry towel.

If you want to moisturiser

Use a good sun protector factor of 30 or higher if you live in a sunny climate. The moisturiser helps to close your pores. It also traps water in your skin. The sunscreen also helps protect your skin from harmful sun ultraviolet rays.

Always store your razor in a dry area after use

In between each of your shaves, make sure your razor dries completely to prevent bacteria from growing on it. Never leave your razor around moist areas like the sink or shower area.

If you follow the above technique but still experiencing razor problems to the skin, switching razors.

A good multi-blade razor is great and ensures a close shave. Remember not to stretch your skin when shaving.

If you constantly experience a rash after shaving, we advise you see a qualified dermatologist. They can advise on the best types of shaving and moisturising creams for your skin.

The perfect Men’s shave