Ways to style your hoodie

Ways to style your hoodie

Ways to style your hoodie

Ways to style your hoodie. Today the hoodie is a great fashion staple for women on the go. They are warm and easy to wear. As apparel that is easily paired with jeans, leggings or shorts, the hoodie is reliable fashion.

From leading sports hoodies to the plan non-branded hoodie, they are affordable fashion that can be worn all year round.

There are so many different ways in which you can style your hoodie. Today we are going to take a look a few examples in which you can wear your hoodie that suits your own personal style and taste.

The plus sized hoodie look

If your fashion size says, plus then opt for something that is trendy. The cropped hoodie is it can be a combination worn with high-waisted black skinny leggings or jeans and bright pumps. Places to look include Simplybe.ie and Oxendales Ireland.

Get the grunge look

This is more rock band styling for the younger lady. Yes that Avril Lavigne look! It’s ok to include bold text on the front of your hoodie true grunge gals usually wear oversized jackets over it!

It’s the hood that is the important part of its overall look. ASOS and Pull&Bear are good places to seek out cool designs.

Get sporty with your hoodie look

For that sporty look try your hooded sweatshirt style with knitted beanie. Complete your look with black leggings and high coloured runners.

Sports brands like Adidas and NIKE offer good value in sporty women’s wear. There tops offer comfort and hardwearing for the women who likes to stay in shape.

Girly whirly hoodie look

We all like to show off the girl inside and there is nothing wrong with that. Pair your hoodie mini or skater skirt and complete with flats or runners.

Don’t get carried away with the writing or logo on front of the hoodie. Keep it single as not to take away from your overall style. Good places to check out are River Island or PrettyLittleThing.

Choose the semi-formal hoodie look

This look is going to take you over to the other side. It has a type of mannish look about it but that’s OK (we wear boyfriend sweater don’t we)

Pair with leggings or jeans and add trench coat with hood worn outside of coat.

Complete this look with sneakers. The hoodie needs to be dark and plain to keep your look semi chic. Go to places for these are Bershka or Jack Wills.

Bring out the animal affect

A plain hood worn over an animal print jacket looks the business. Make sure that the hoodie has no big bold prints to the front as it will class with the print on your jacket.

This pairing adds something different to you look and says “heah look at me.”

This type of match is for the adventurous and suited for girls who want to stand out in the crowd. A good place to seek and find hoodie to blend in with animal print look are New Look or Hollister.