The best ways to relax your muscles after a tough workout

The best ways to relax your muscles after a tough workout

The best ways to relax your muscles after a tough workout

The best ways to relax your muscles after a tough workout. We all have the best intentions of working out and keeping healthy. And as we are stuck inside for the foreseeable future, there is no better time to start exercising.

But how exactly can you relax after an intense workout session? Keep reading for our tips.


Regardless of how much or little you exercise; meditation is a beneficial habit to get into. It has numerous mental and physical benefits and helps to maintain balance as well as reduce blood pressure and assist recovery.

After an intense workout, meditating can bring your body back to centre and reduce stress on the muscles and joints.

Hit The Sauna

A sauna is like a hot steam room except it typically uses dry heat. This dry heat will heat up your body very slowly. Not only does a sauna feel good, it’s considered to be great from an overall health prospective.

Dry heat helps your muscles to eliminate lactic acid and come back stronger. As a bonus, the heat can help to burn any fat. However, be sure to use heat only after muscle swelling has been addressed.

Take A Relaxing Bath

A bath is another excellent choice for relaxation after your workout. Because of the heat, the water will heat up your body and relax your muscles. Yes, hitting the sauna is amazing but, as we are all stuck inside for a while, it’s easier to just run yourself a relaxing bath.

However, with the right steps, you can make your bath feel just like a day at the spa. Grab your bath salts, bath bombs, candles and ambiance-fitting music and let your worries melt away during a nice, hot soak.

Watch A Movie

This may sound like it has nothing to do with your health or fitness but watching a movie can be a wonderful way to relax your mind. Movies, books and even video games let your muscles relax while you relax your mind.

Or you can just turn on the telly and zone out for a while. As with everything in life, moderation is key and there’s nothing wrong with a little screen time now and then.


A good massage can be a healthy way to unwind after a vigorous workout session. It can help to release any tension in your muscles that build up during hard exertion.

Hot massages are a great choice as they melt stress and tension from your muscles as well as your mind. There are numerous other health benefits to getting a massage. They can help reduce anxiety, improve your quality of sleep and even raise alertness.