How to avoid those dreaded headaches

How to avoid those dreaded headaches

How to avoid those dreaded headaches

How to avoid those dreaded headaches. Did you know that it’s sometimes easier to prevent a headache than it is to actually treat it! By applying simple rules like avoiding stress.

Making sure to are hydrated by drinking fluids to getting the correct amount of sleep that your body requires can all contribute to ensuring you stay headache free.

Today, headaches are one of the most common health problems experienced by people across the world.

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) they estimate that up to 4% of grown adults are affected by head pain very month.

Anyone who has suffered a headache or a migraine will tell you how uncomfortable and upsetting they can be.

While there are lots of effective ways to treat a headache, prevention is the best practice.

Don’t worry if are prone to regular headaches or migraines that are sometimes avoidable due to certain people’s health conditions,

There are things you can do is try and avoid them happening on a more frequent basis.

Ways to avoid that dreaded headache

The fact of the matter is that there are some headache triggers that you can control, and then there are some you can’t.

If you are a female, then the hormonal fluctuations that occur with menstruation, ovulation, and menopause can lead to unwanted headaches or migraines.

Remember You’re not going to be able to prevent all headaches but you can try and minimise them by managing your lifestyle properly.

How to avoid those dreaded headaches

What triggers a headache?

Here are some of the most common causes that may bring about a headache that you are in control of yourself

  • Being stressed
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Exposing yourself to bright lights and loud noises sounds.
  • Even strong smells can trigger a headache.
  • By not drinking your daily required amount of water can lead to the body being dehydrated
  • Too little or much sleep
  • By exercising your body to rigorously
  • Hormonal changes to the body
  • Neglecting to eat properly
  • Smoking cigarettes, vaping and cigars
  • Pressure and straining on your eyes while reading or looking at a phone or computer screen
  • Caffeine intake. Did you know that some experts reckon by avoiding your morning cup of coffee for one day can cause a caffeine-withdrawal headache
  • Intake of food additives or naturally-occurring substances, including nitrates in processed meats,
  • MSG in fast food products and Chinese food, tyramine found in certain aged cheeses and soy-based foods, and the artificial sweetener aspartame
Headache Prevention: Keeping a Diary

If you are a regular sufferer of headaches, monitor and track what triggers your headache. It allows you to start your own headache prevention program.

Simple things like keeping a diary may aid you in figuring out which of the above triggers your headache.

By keeping notes in your daily headache diary, we recommend you record the following:

  • Record a list of the foods you have eaten that day.
  • Write don the drinks and types (Water, sugary drinks, alcohol) you have consumed that day
  • Any medicines you may have taken
  • Sleeping time like what time you went to bed and woke up. How much time you actually spent sleeping and the quality of your sleep.
  • If you under took and physical exercise or activities that day and what type.

It’s important to make a note of each headache that you get, what time of the day it occurred, and the measures you took to cure it.

Another important think to note is the type of weather for each particular day.

If you were experiencing any hormonal changes, such as when you ovulated and began your period.

How to avoid those dreaded headaches

Once you start to track this, after a certain period you should start to see a pattern form.

For example, you may notice that your headaches occur more on a weekend when you sleep in.

Or is it when you are out enjoying yourself that may involve alcohol consumption?

This information is vital to regular headache sufferers that may aid your GP in diagnosing what’s causing your headaches.

they can help you find ways to prevent them.

Some easy stops to try and prevent a headache

By practicing these easy to follow steps may actually help you avoid those nasty common headaches

  • Always ensure you maintain good posture and move around during the day if you are sat at a desk for long periods.
  • Also look away from the computer screen or phone every now and then to avoid eyestrain.
  • Make sure you have the right pillow for your head. Get the right pillow that supports your head and stick with it. Some People even travel with their bed pillow that allows them to get a good night sleep wherever they are.
  • Constituency is key. Stick to a regular schedule, and try not to stray away from any regular waking, dietary, sleeping, and exercise patterns of routines.
  • Get the right amount of sleep. Remember, both too much or too little sleep time can cause to headaches. It’s all about finding a balance and sticking to it. Most medical experts believe that each of us need 8 hours sleep every night.
Stay on top of things
  • Keep up your healthy diet and exercise program. A combination of healthy foods and regular exercise can keep headaches at bay. Always take time out to feed your body and try not to skip meals regardless how busy you are. Keep healthy snack at hand in case hunger strikes.
  • Get that water into you. Dehydration is one of the main contributors to people getting headaches. Get used to having a bottle of water to hand and stay away from sugary fluids.
  • Stress Management. It’s not always easy to control but getting stressed can build up and cause headaches. Try and find ways to deal with it by taking a stroll or breathing techniques. Remember to ask yourself this, Will what you are worrying about matter this time next year? If not then don’t worry about it and always be willing to talk your problems though with friends or a qualified expert.

If you are constantly suffering from headaches or migraines then it is important to always seek medical advice from your GP.

A pain in the head is sore and should never be ignored.

Headache prevention can be less painful than dealing with a headache itself and by making some small but effective changes to your lifestyle, you can reduce the risk of suffering them on a regular basis.


How to avoid those dreaded headaches