Steps to help you deal and cope with depression

Steps to help you deal and cope with depression

Steps to help you deal and cope with depression

Some steps to help you deal and cope with depression. Most of us have suffered bouts of sadness, depression or get fed up from time to time.

Feeling depressed can be a reaction to a stressful event that has occurred in your life or when you suffer a loss or have to endure one of life’s tests or struggles.

The main thing to remember is that it’s OK to feel down or depressed as it’s normal and nothing you can’t fix with help.

However, our feelings of depression can become more intense and last for lengthy periods which in turn can hinder you from doing straight forward day to day chores and tasks.

Steps to help you deal and cope with depression

This is what is more commonly known as clinical depression.

Depression takes on many shapes but the most identifiable are those of you feeling tired or sad leading to a loss of interest in things you would normally enjoy.

These symptoms must be persistent for at least a few weeks before it can be treated as a form of clinical depression.

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Some of the tell tales signs to depression can include the following
  • Changes or loss of to normal appetite
  • Deduction in sleep that changes your normal sleeping patterns
  • Lower energy levels
  • You find it hard to concentrate
  • You feel restless or Irritable
  • Low self-esteem
  • Thoughts that life isn’t good and not worth living
  • Aches and pains to certain parts of your body

If you feel you suffer from depression then you must tackle the issue as believe it or not, things are never as bad as you think they are.

People who have suffered dark moments have sought help with each confirming that they were glad they sought professional help or simply just talked to someone who was there to listen and not judge.

Here are some steps to take on board if you are feeling a little down that will help you on your way.

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Clear your headspace and go for a walk.

Going for a walk in the open air is a great way to clear your mind of negative thoughts. By walking even a mile a day helps. It’s not too strenuous and also puts you in a new environment to enjoy the sounds of nature that you are part of.

Look at and adjust your diet

It’s well-known that Depression can affect your appetite. Some turn to comfort eating while others just don’t feel hungry and reduce their daily food intake.

Get the right nutrients inside your body is vital as it does affect your energy and mood levels. Look at your diet and say no to sugary or fatty foods.

Don’t overthink your worries

While it is hard not to worry about things it’s important not to let them consume your thoughts 24/7. If something is really worrying you then chat to a friend as there is nothing wrong with feeling down.

A trouble shared is a good way to overcome worry. Ask yourself the question, Is what I’m worrying about now going to matter this time next year?

The answer will always be no. Sometimes you can’t help with the problems that life throws at you but you can determine how you deal with them. You have more power that you actually think.


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Self-express to depress negativity

When you are down, your sense of creativity and fun can sometime be suppressed. You can exercise your imagination by simply doing something small that you normally wouldn’t do such as painting, drawing, writing or making up songs that cause you to think.

Disconnect from social media groups straight away and take control back of your own life. Take time out to engage with a friend you like and trust. Even watching a funny film or video can lighten your mood.

Steps to help you deal and cope with depression

Be thankful and notice the positive things in your life

Depression does affect your thoughts cause you to see things in a negative way. Everyone of us have more skills and abilities than we actually realise. Write down the good things you have in your life.

This could be something as simple as having a strong skillset in something like computers to having good family and friends around you that will support you no matter what.

Keep the list and if you feel down simply take out the list and look at it to remind yourself of the vital role you play in other peoples lives everyday.

Remember, it’s OK not to feel OK and there are so many wonderful organisations you can talk to in confidence who won’t judge you for the way you feel.


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We all live in a world where we think we need to have hundreds of friends on social media to be popular.

This is not a good way to lead your life as it’s more important to have one or two good friends to talk and share life with than hundreds of people you probably don’t know who are there to judge you as a person.

Finally, It’s good to talk when you are feeling sad as there is no embarrassment attached to feeling down. We have included some links on this page to help you contact professional organisations to help you get back on track. Remember,  talking is a sign of strength not a weakness.

Steps to help you deal and cope with depression