Why fast fashion is harmful to people and the environment

Why fast fashion is harmful to people and the environment

Why fast fashion is harmful to people and the environment

Why fast fashion is bad for the environment. As we see an increase in consumer goods that include the food we buy to the health and beauty products we consume, the cost of fashion clothing has dropped substantially.

Reduced prices in clothing produced overseas means that their production costs are dramatically lower than that here in the western part of the world.

Think sustainability

This is due to the cheap labour costs in the counties that some of our favourite fashion items are made.

Low cost materials, such as polyester, have also helped reduce clothing prices with polyester production.

This surpasses the use of natural fibres like cotton and wool that in the past would traditionally be used in the making of garments.

Unfortunately for us and the planet, the production of cheap clothing comes at a high cost.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester requires a huge amount of energy to produce

Chemicals used in production are more than often of a toxic nature.

Cheap fashion takes its toll on human lives

Labour conditions in foreign fashion factories can also be harmful to the people turning out our clothing.

In 2013, a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing over 1,000 workers and leaving 2,000 of them maimed or injured.

Due to the highlighting of our need to become more ethically and environmentally sustainably aware towards our fashion habits, more and more clothing brands are springing up on the web.

This is where you can not only purchase cool looking designs in Men’s and Women’s fashion,

All this knowing that the clothing you are buying are made from eco-friendly fabrics and non-toxic dyes.

This ensures proper and fairer pay for the workers producing the garments.

Small steps to becoming more fashion sustainable

This obviously drives up the price of each garment we buy. If we are all truthful with ourselves and admit that we buy far more clothing than we actually need,

We can then concentrate on buying less “fast fashion” and instead “Shop Smarter

Choose garments that are ethically sourced and made that won’t hurt the environment when we finish with them.

Another way to be more sustainable is instead of throwing your unwanted fashion goods away, swap with your clothes with friends of colleagues.

This saves them heading for landfill which is incredibly damaging to the land given their harmful toxins and chemicals in each garnets that get absorbed into the earth.


Why fast fashion is harmful to people and the environment