Get the perfect mini skirt look

Get the perfect mini skirt look

Get the perfect mini skirt look

Get the perfect mini skirt look There is nothing sexier than the mini skirt look. However, some fashion critics feel you have to be a perfect size 8 to 10 at most to pull off its sexy look.

This is so untrue, as voluptuous women like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé can wear them well. It’s not the skirt itself, it’s how you wear it!

What defines a mini skirt?

A miniskirt is a skirt designed with a hemline well above the knees. This normally ends at mid-thigh level and is no longer than 10 centimetres below the bum.

This is defined as a minidress or a miniskirt dress. Don’t confuse this with the micro-miniskirt or micro-skirt as its hemline finishes at the upper thigh.

Normally associated with summer months, the mini skirt is a sexy piece of fashion accessible all year round.

However, there are some simple rules to consider before donning that snazzy short clothing item. You need to wear it well to ensure it shows off your great fashion look. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Choose your underwear carefully

This is most important and goes without saying. No true lady wants those unnecessary wardrobe malfunctions.

Instead of going for a thong, try something pretty that supplies coverage to keep your modesty intact. You want to be able to stand or sit without your lady bits on full display. Always choose the right underwear.

Get the perfect mini skirt look

Go for Flats over stilettos.

Strangely enough, with the mini skirt it’s not stilettos that lengthen your legs. Flats do the work as they keep your ankle exposed.

A bare ankle may create a longer and flattering line. However, you still want to elevate your look. Why not try a 2-inch block heel which will help you keep your look more casual.

Get your choice of bag right

Considering the length of the skirt, you also have to consider the accompanying bag that goes with your outfit. A bag that swings from your lower back may cause your dress to ride up.

This is not good as it may reveal your hidden assets underneath. Why not choose a mini handbag to pair with your Skirt. They are lighter to carry and may avoid any embarrassing moments.

The right fit is vital

Tis is essential part of dressing up. The last thing you want to be doing is rowing with your skirt to keep it in place. At all costs, avoid styles that don’t fit. Make sure you feel comfortable wearing it.

Experiment with different materials

From that classic A-line that suits your body. Today, the mini skirt comes in a wide variety of materials and colours. Get the one that suits your look for the occasion.

The Linen mini is a lightweight fabric skirt that breaths well in hot weather. Polyester tends to be the most popular because it is very comfortable. Always find the silhouette that works best for your body.

Avoid the VPL

Depending on the material make up of your chosen skirt, always step into the light before venturing out in your skirt. You need to ensure your mini isn’t see-through in your most intimate area.

If this is the case, explore the possibilities of wearing a slip underneath.

Check the weather

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If your mini is light in material, then you don’t want to be stepping out in to windy or blustery conditions.

This could be embarrassing and could emulate a Marilyn Monroe moment.

If you are stepping out in less favourable weather, consider wearing a mid-length coat or jacket that will keep you covered until you reach your destination.

Get the perfect mini skirt look