Getting the right T-shirt for your look

Getting the right T-shirt for your look

Getting the right T-shirt for your look

Getting the right T-shirt for your look. The good old tee or t-shirt is a common line up in any guys fashion draw.

They offer versatility and are relatively affordable to every man who loves the freedom to the tee. They can be worn numerous ways from casual to smart casual situations. Never confuse a t-shirt with a polo shirt that has a collared finish.

There aren’t any real fashion rules to wearing your t-shirt but getting a style and design is important for your overall look. Let’s start with the basic colours like white, black, grey and navy.

These can go with almost from jackets to jumpers from knitwear to under your collared shirt.

Once you have mastered the art of wearing the t-shirt you can start playing around with different styles including prints and patterns to make your look your own.

Traditionally associated with warm summer months, the t-shirt can be used all year round when paired with clever layering. We are going to point out a few ways in how you can get the best look form different types of t-shirts.

Getting the right T-shirt for your look

Go for plain t-shirts

The plain t-shirt is the easiest shirt of them all to wear without it clashing you’re your clothing. T-shirts that come in a solid colour are reliable in pairing with just about everything.

Even on their own they have the ability to make any guys look sharp. When Layered up during the cooler seasons the look of the shirt takes on a whole new meaning.

If you are a bit unsure of how to pair your t-shirt, start first with a plain crisp white shirt (always safe) Then move onto other favourite colour favourites such as the blues, blacks and even pink.

The plain t-shirt looks fab when paired with jeans or shorts for them great casual days. If you need to step it up a bit then pair with a bomber jacket, denim jacket or cardigan for great extra layering.

Plain tees never class with good footwear either. Whether its boots to trainers they blend in perfectly. Always make sure you chosen shirt sits just below the waistline with the sleeves just sitting below the top biceps on your arm. You don’t want the fitted look.


Fancy the printed look t-shirt

The same rule applies to wearing the plain t-shirt but this time you are going to add a bit of character to your finished look.

Depending on whether you go for a graphic design, branded logo or text, they golden rule is to keep it subtle and sensible.

Long gone are the days of oversized heavy logo or text print t-shirts, like George Michael, RIP used to wear in his days with Wham.

Today, printed t-shirts are designed to enhance a man’s overall look, not dominate it.

If you decide to wear loud bottoms, then pair them with a solid coloured t-shirt with subtle matching print colours.

Jeans are always a good choice with printed tees in nearly every situation. They work in either grey on blue or contrasting white on blue.

Are stripes your thing?

Here’s the question, aren’t stripes exactly the same as printed t-shirts? Well yes, but their geometric designs puts them in another category worth that’s worth mentioning.

Also known as the Breton t-shirt, striped t-shirts have been fashionable among men seeking a bit more style to their fashion finish.

Given their dimension of pattern, the main rule is to always pair your striped t-shirt with block solid coloured bottoms.

That includes the likes of black or blue denims. This excludes non-patterned chinos or plain trousers.

The theory behind this is that you can’t afford to have the stripes in your t-shirt clashing with your finished look.

Try to visualise someone wearing a striped t-shirt wearing striped trousers or jeans. You’ll look like an escaped convict and you don’t want that.

Another thing worth pointing out is vertical striping in your t-shirt design.

We advise you avoid this look at all costs unless you have that really cool athletic body that flatters your physique. Vertical lines will only contour around your body.

Long Sleeve t-shirts

As we head into the cooler months then as we mentioned earlier, layering plays a big factor in our overall finished look.

The right fit when wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt is vital.

Due to the extra material you’re working with, if you get it wrong and they could end up like you are wearing a pyjama top. The sleeve should over hand an inch over your wrist.

Great colours for the long sleeve tees are the traditional white or greys, blacks and navy tones.

We would strongly advise print designs on long sleeve t-shirts and rather opt for textures and materials like linen or cashmere. These tend to lend more character to your overall look.


Getting the right T-shirt for your look