Why pink is a good fashion option for men

Why pink is a good fashion option for men

Why pink is a good fashion option for men

Why pink is a good fashion option for men. Who is it said that men can’t wear ink, can anyone remember? In recent years, Pink has made a major come back in Men’s style and clothing and is a popular choice of colour of men of all ages.

Gone be the days when it was perceived by some that the colour Pink took away from a man’s masculinity. Here are a few reasons why pink is the “in-colour” and why men should seriously consider pink as part of their fashion line-up.

Pink has always been a masculine and popular colour with guys

Did you know that back in the 18th Century, Pink suits were a popular choice of fashion amongst men in America given it was considered as a “war-like colour” because it was a diminutive of the colour red.

Back at the turn of the 19th Century, the pink shirt was introduced by a company in the US called Brooks Brothers who originally designed it for women students. However, it was the men who took a fancy to the colour of choice as it paired well with the day and evening suits.

Unfortunately, up until recent years, the colour pink got over taken with other so-called masculine colours of blues and greys as society changed.

The good news is that due to the fashion revival of shirts and suits back in the 1980’s, the colour pink slowly started to make its way back into the good books of established fashion critics who see it today as an accepted colour for inclusion in any men’s fashion pieces. You can thank Del Trotter from Only Fools and Horses for that!

Traditional fashion stereo-type colours have changed

For people who grew up in the last century, the colours Pink and Blue were more gender specific. Blue for the boys and Pink for the girls.

This was all down to greedy fashion companies who picked up on the fact that parents in the early 20th century would pass clothes down from one sibling to another (regardless of their sex) which traditionally would have been made up of greys, blues, blacks etc.

This didn’t please the clothing companies at the time as they were losing out on potential sales. In order to counter act this, they introduced gender-specific clothing.

This meant that parents could no longer hand down a piece of baby girl’s clothing to a baby boy and vice versa. They’d have to buy a second set. So, the tradition of “pink is for girls” and “blue is for boys” was born.

Nowadays, male celebrities such as Kanye West, Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx are often spotted donning pink as part of their fashion up which has made it more popular and accepted amongst the males of all ages.

Pink is powerful and helps you stand out

Today, the colour Pink is used to represent power and is featured as symbols for lots of hard-hitting awareness campaigns such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month where Pink is used as the primary colour in their ribbon.

In a study commissioned by Cotton USA back in 2012, it found that Men who wear pink actually earned $1,200 per annum more than those who wear other colours! It’s also suggested that these men are also more likely to impress female colleagues and perform with better confidence.

Pink is a versatile colour

All fashionistas know the versatility of the colour Pink. It goes with any skin tone. Whether you have a dark or light complexion, the various shades of carnation pink, hot pink, cherry blossom pink, lavender Pink or Persian rose pink are there to match with your own skin colour tone.

Whether you are looking for that perfect shirt for a special occasion, to chilling out with your buddies in that great pink top, shirt or sweater that can easily be paired with your favourite jeans or trousers, Pink is an intricate part of Men’s fashion of today that will help you stand out and get noticed. It represents power, love and sensitivity all in one go!


Why pink is a good fashion option for men