How to choose and style your midi dress

How to choose and style your midi dress

How to choose and style your midi dress

How to choose and style your midi dress. The midi or midi skirt design is where the hem ends halfway between the knee and ankle. Generally speaking, the midi dress ends at the mid-calf, but you never really want it to end right at your mid-calf as you will see in our styling tips later on in this feature.

Whether worn at parties or donned for that great day or night time fashion look, the midi dress is a cool and relaxed looking dress to bring out the best of your sophisticated look.

The good thing about midi dresses is that they can be worn all-year round because of their length. As well as being stylish for the spring and summer months, they don’t look out of place during the autumn or winter periods because of their length, making them in affect an “all-year round” dress.

Because the Midi dress is a versatile piece of Ladies fashion for today, there are many ways in how to style midi dress. However, there are some general rules of thumb that you should stick regardless of the occasion or season. Here are some guidelines to remember and help you on your way.

Buy the right midi dress that suits your figure

When buying a midi dress, always select a length that is slightly above or below your mid-calf region. This creates the perfect illusion that the dress is longer than is actually is. You don’t want your midi dress to end exactly at mid-calf because it is the widest part of your leg.

Check the fabric

Source a light fabric midi. When buying your midi dress, try and find one that one that comes in a light weight material as this won’t add too much weight to your figure. Try and search for a layered dress that looks light and has an airy feel about it.

Don’t be scare to use a belt at waist. You shouldn’t want to wear your nice new midi dress without giving your waist definition as this could perceive your look like you are wearing a block of fabric.

Ensure your midi dress looks flattering with a waist belt added. If the midi dress you purchase does not come with a belt, then buy one that matches. This provides you with several options on how you can wear the dress. It’s a great way to experiment and offer you with several great fashion looks.

Make sure the colour you chose is you

Choose a solid colour or a continued all over pattern design. Always opt for a solid colour or something with the same pattern from tip to toe as this isn’t a dress you want to colour block.

If your fashion look preference is something with a design then ensure the pattern is small which can include floral patterns or tiny polka dots or something along those lines. Never take too much attention from the overall look of the dress.

Get your footwear right

Apply sexy looking heels which helps elongate the leg. This combats the stumpy look that a midi dress may give off. A minimal heeled sandal can provide you with the right height without the struggle of a weighty shoe.

When it comes to adding the final touches of footwear, remember this, try avoiding shoes or boots that are heavy or blockish. This means heavy boots, platform shoes. Petite girls will struggle to pull off that great midi dress look in clunky shoes.

These are just some small tips to remember when buying and wearing your midi dress. Never be afraid to experiment with your fashion look. You own it so enjoy it!

Remember to never throw your dress away when you get tired of it. Share with a friend or give it to someone else who you think will get as much fun out of wearing it than you did. This helps you become more fashion sustainable.


How to choose and style your midi dress