Simple tips that will help you declutter your wardrobe

Simple tips that will help you declutter your wardrobe

Simple tips that will help you declutter your wardrobe

Simple tips that will help you declutter your wardrobe. Try to imagine a wardrobe that is clean and orderly, with everything in its place.

Believe it or not, some people have wardrobes like this – and it not only means things are easier to put away, but there is less stress in choosing an outfit in the morning. Here are some simple tips to help you declutter your wardrobe.

Start Easy

Being by removing items that are ripped, stained or faded beyond recognition.

Visibility Is Key

How many times have you discovered an item in your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten about? Probably all too often. Our clothes are usually packed tightly into drawers that we may not be able to see what we own.

Other than getting a bigger house, the only way to solve this is by getting rid of items. This will ensure that your remaining garments are visible to you.

Go through your clothes and only keep items that you really need. Look at what you own multiples of – if you have six white t-shirts, get rid of any that are greying or scruffy.

Don’t Get Sentimental

A frequently used excuse to keep hoarding clothing is sentimentality. Many items end up hanging in your wardrobe long after you’ve stopped wearing them.

It’s completely understandable that you may want to hold onto something forever, don’t use the word ‘sentimental’ as an excuse.

Try and think of how your clothes could be put to better use. Could your granny’s old coat by happier gathering dust in your wardrobe or finding new life after being bought in a second-hand shop? There’s joy to be found in giving clothes new life, as well as holding onto them.

Reassess Current Trends

The fashion industry makes their money on one principle – constantly changing trends. The industry cannot survive on people just buying what they need.

As a result, they invent false need by declaring new trends and colours every year. But you don’t have to fall for this. Find your personal style and play by your own rules.

Physically Handle Every Item

If you really want to thin out your wardrobe, start by removing every single item. Then,  return the pieces you want to keep and will wear again. If this seems overwhelming, start in section – shoes today, jeans tomorrow.

Whatever way you go about cleaning out your wardrobe, it’s important that you handle every item you own. This will help your brain to decide about what to keep.

Protect Your Clothing

After making the difficult decision on what to keep in your wardrobe, you need to know how to protect your clothing.

First, focus on cleaning the wardrobe itself. Try and use natural cleaning agents, as harsh cleansers can damage clothing. Avoid wire hangers as they will misshape your garments. Instead, opt for skinny hangers that won’t take up much space. Wooden hangers can be very bulky.

Finally, try and ensure your wardrobe doesn’t get out of hand again. Keeping up with regular pruning will ensure everything has a place in your clutter-free wardrobe. It also helps you become more fashion sustainable.