Overnight hairstyle tips to save time in the morning

Overnight hairstyle tips to save time in the morning

Overnight hairstyle tips to save time in the morning

Overnight hairstyle tips to save time in the morning. Styling your hair before you hit the hay can make a world of difference in the morning. And taming bedhead can be both tricky and time consuming. To help you out, here are our favourite overnight hair tips.

Sock Curls

Women have been using socks to get beautiful overnight curls for years and the process could not be simpler. To start, split your hair into two sections and then split each of these in half.

Next, take a sock and wrap one section around it, rolling it backwards. Work towards the top of your head. Keep your hair secure by tying the ends of the sock together.

Repeat this process with the other three sections. In the morning, gently roll your hair out of the socks and you’re done. For added volume, use dry shampoo at your roots and styling cream at the ends to keep them hydrated.

Bantu Knots

It is possible to get gorgeous curls overnight without the heat. Just use some simple bantu knots. Split your hair into four sections and secure with a hair tie. For the front sections, twist your hair towards the back on your head and go as high as possible.

Afterwards, wrap the hair in circles to create a small bun. Secure the knot with another hair tie. For the back sections, you will want to twist your hair in a forward motion. You can protect your hair while sleeping using a stocking or silk scarf.

In the morning, carefully use your fingers to unravel your knots. Tease your hair using a comb and pay attention to the back of your head. Finish with some hairspray and you are all set.

Headband Waves

You can create beautiful waves overnight using just a headband. Start by placing two headbands over the head at the crown. If a bump happens, pull your hair down to ensure it lays flat.

Next, slightly dampen your hair with some water. Then, twist your hair and weave it through the hairband. Secure everything with some hairspray and enjoy your night’s sleep.

The next morning, slowly unwrap your hair from the headband, keeping it on. Once you remove your headband, add some texturizing spray and you are good to go.

Hair Donuts

Hair donuts can be used for more than getting that perfectly shaped bun. Believe it or not, you can use them to get voluminous curls.

Start by securing your hair in a ponytail at the crown of your head. Use a hair donut, or a sock if you don’t have one, and pull your hair through the hole in the centre.

Next, divide your hair into two sections, equal in size. Loop your hair through the bottom of the bun and back up through the top. Keep going until all your hair is wrapped around the donut. In the morning, unravel the donut and take your hair out of the elastic.

Twist Braid

Create beautiful waves with a twist braid hairstyle. This look is particularly suited for those of you with long hair. First, start with damp hair split in two sections.

For each section, you will split the hair into two pieces and start twisting them together. With every twist, grab more hair at your root. Think of how you would integrate more hair for a French braid.

Next, keep repeating this process until you have reached the base of your neck. When you have run out of layers, twist and secure your hair in a bun.

Make sure that the bun is not loose. The next morning, gently take your twists out and use your hands to separate out your waves. You can use hairspray to make sure that don’t fall out throughout the day.

Overnight hairstyle tips to save time in the morning