Ways to avoid and treat spots

Ways to avoid and treat spots

Ways to avoid and treat spots

Ways to avoid and treat spots. We all dread them but sometimes they are inevitable and part of everyday life. Yes, we are talking about those pimples that appear out of nowhere that have a tendency to put in an appearance just before that big night out with our friends or special occasional event.

Just because they appear doesn’t mean you have to sit quietly and wait for them to leave and here are a few tips that can help them on their way. First of all, let’s take a look at the cause of pimples or acne and find out why they appear in the first place.

The cause of spots

We all have sebaceous glands in our skin that ordinarily provides our moisture and lubrication. However, the merger of stress and hormones can form clogs where bacteria cause inflammation in the skin. This is why blemishes and acne form and causes your skin flares up.

So, the question is, how do we free ourselves of annoying inflammation and acne? We have picked out a few tips taken from top dermatologists around the world to help you get shut of those blemishes in a quick and easy manner. We also advise on how to avoid making that spot worse.

Keep your hands away from your face!

All dermatologists are in total agreement that you should revert from ever picking at your pimple and this is a big NO NO. We know sometimes it may seem tempting, but remember that once you’ve picked at it, it’s going to take longer to heal and in some instances may even leave to scaring.

Ways to avoid and treat spots

Avoid home remedies

Old wives tales, yes we have all heard them. From applying toothpaste, window cleaning fluid to citrus lemon juice, we have been told these are all great home remedies for blemishes.

However, top dermatologists all advise against them. The Toothpaste or today is more intricate than it used to be and this can lead to the over-dry of your skin that will make it irritable. Lemon juice is also another irritant along with glass cleaner that you should never put near your skin.

Warm water can help

Heating your skin is a simple buy affective way to soothe your skin if you feel a spot coming on. Apply warm water to the skin to bring everything from within to the surface.

Once your pimple or spot makes that appearance simply apply a recommended and proven spot treatment. Alternately, you can use a cold water to the affected are to help bring reduce the swelling of a particularly large or painful spot h

Use an approved acne spot treatment

As well as washing all of make-up from the day from your face at night your face at night, it’s important to always use the right moisturiser designed for your skin type. While keeping your fingers away from your face, you can use a spot treatment that will help eradicate persistent spots or pimples.

A few ingredients to look out for are Benzoyl peroxide which can kill acne-causing bacteria. Salicylic acid which will help exfoliate and unclog your pores. Also, Retinoids which also helps control cell turnover that allows clogged cells to shed and stops them from clogging.

Wash your face on a regular basis

Because your oil glands are active all day long, when oil combines with dirt, makeup, and pollution of the day it causes problems for your skin. This also applies for those of you who like to work out or play sports. When Sweat mixes with dirt and oil, it can become trapped beneath your wet sports clothes which can led to the breakout of spots or pimples. Always take a shower in warm water after every work out to open and cleans those skin pours.

Check out new type of cleanser

If your spot or pimples appear often then you may want to consider changing your skincare routine. Choosing a cleanser that contains glycolic or salicylic acid in it may help and this is an over the counter purchase. People who suffer from acne-prone skin may need an astringent to degrease the skin, too. This can contain salicylic or glycolic as they can also help with the prevention of scaring

Ease up on the Make-Up.

Did you know that beauty and cosmetic products are one of the leading contributors to common causes of adult acne. Sadly, using heavy duty makeup to hide your spots will only ever plaster over the cracks and won’t make them physically disappear.

Try using mineral makeup on your skin rather than oil-based products that contribute to the breakout of spots. By adding that oil-based foundations and concealers contribute to the blocking of your pores.

The most natural thing you can do is to allow your skin to breathe and go make-up free until the spots disappear. This is the break your skin might just need to help it recover more quickly.

Cut back on fatty or greasy foods

If you are experiencing sports or pimples on a regular basis then you may need to consider an overhaul of your current diet. Cut out all sugary, greasy or foods with high fat content like fast food and replace these with natural organic foods that are both kind to your body and skin. Fruits and plenty of water will flush out your body from within which will contribute to an overall better looking you.

If you are a regular suffer of spots and pimples and find it near impossible to shift, then we advise you see a qualified dermatologist who will be able to offer sound medical advice and source a treatment that will help you in the long-run.


Ways to avoid and treat spots