How to choose the right polo shirt for you

How to choose the right polo shirt for you

How to choose the right polo shirt for you

How to choose the right polo shirt for you. The polo shirt is something that is part of the everyday man’s fashion line-up.

It is an easy to wear garment for casual to smart casual men’s wear.

There are two general uses for the Polo Shirt. A corporative uniform and smart casual. The Polo Shirt is a classic modern fashion staple for men of all ages.

With the Polo descending between a t-shirt and a dress shirt, it is the perfect piece of apparel for lots of events where formal dress is not required.

It’s a great all-year round piece of clothing to look good in compared to the normal tee that only really says casual.

Getting the right Polo Shirt for you is where it can become a bit tricky as you want it to hang right on the body to make sure it doesn’t snag and throw out your body shape.

Get the perfect fit

When it comes to choosing a polo shirt that is going to make you look good, some of the essential things to remember are

Get the length right

The bottom hem of your shirt must not fall down lower than the back pockets of your trousers or jeans.

It must be no higher than you hip and no lower than a few inches below your belt line.

However, it must be long enough that you can tuck it in to your jeans or trousers but short enough that you can wear it untucked without it looking like a night shirt.

Check sleeve length

The sleeve length of the short polo shirt finish should rest about midway down your bicep, and not extend any longer than two thirds down your upper arm.

In all, the perfect polo shirt fit should ensure that it sits close to your body.

It should look fitted but definitely not look too tight on.

Remember, the fitter your shape, the better fit but you don’t want it skin tight either.

A rule of thumb for a good fitting shirt is that you should always be able to stick two of your fingers under the sleeve comfortably.

It’s always recommended that you actually try on each polo shirt before you purchase to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Get the quality of garment right

When it comes to choosing your beloved polo shirt, it’s important to make sure you choose the right fabric.

Today, polos are available in a variety of materials from synthetic to natural material.

Synthetic fabric are more than often the choice specifically designed for athletic wear.

Silky blend finished polo shirts are not recommended for sportswear.

They tend to highlight sweat easily and tend to lose their colour more quickly.

Polyester, or cotton/poly blends do extend the life of the shirt.

The negative side to this is they are less breathable which can cause unwanted odours to resonate from your shirt.

Given that polo shirts are more associated with warm weather, a 100% cotton material is more comfortable and contains breathable properties.

It is the most recommended fabric for a casual day and evening wear shirt. Cotton polos are available in two main kinds which are

Get your type of Polo Right

Pique Polo. This is the original polo fabric which is knitted in a woven pattern that lends the material a textured surface.

It’s fabric is a little bit more heavier.

The holes in its weave makes it more breathable and tends to be more sweat resistant with Its sleeve.

This typically ends in a ribbed band/cuff finish.

This type of shirt is seen as a bit more formal and professional.

Know your Polo Shirt

Jersey Polo. The Jersey polo shirt is constructed from the same type of fabric that is commonly used in t-shirts. It has the same flat, smooth, soft, stretchy feel to it.

It’s sleeves tend to end in a simple hem opposed to a distinct band.

Being lighter in weight, it is a lot less durable and will highlight sweat patches.

Its lightness and relaxed drape also give it a more casual vibe.

Both the Pique and Jersey polo each have their own unique look and feel about them, but overall it’s recommended that you choose the jersey kind for comfort, and Pique for more semi-formal wear.

How to choose the right polo shirt for you

Styling tips on how to wear your Polo

You want your polo shirt to look good on and a good fashion finish is important to the wearer.

Here are some tips to remember when styling your polo shirt.

  • Never wear an undershirt underneath your polo shirt as it is designed to be worn as a base item close to your body. By adding a tee or vest underneath will make it look baggy and totally throw out the shape of its perfect fit.
  • Never pop up the collar. This used to be trendy years ago but thankfully is now not accepted for that classic fashion look of the modern-day man.
  • Never choose a polo with a pocket. They are rarely used and tend to sag which lessons the effect of the shirt overall.
  • Try and avoid a polo shirt with large logos. This is advised by most fashion experts as big bold logos tend to give the shirt a more corporate look. This is no good when you want to look smart and collective. Small logos or designer signatures on the breast of polos are more acceptable and quite cool and maintains a tasteful finish of the shirt.
  • For men, long-sleeved polos are a huge no no. The whole origin of the polo shirt is based on its short-sleeved design. While they are more suited and commonly found as part in women’s polo shirt designs, long sleeve polos for men just don’t look right.
  • Don’t ever button your polo shirt up all the way and always leave the top button open for a classic overall look.
Get your look right
  • Tuck in or out. This is a personal choice for men and is based on when and how you want to wear your polo shirt. Tucking your shirt in gives you a more formal look, while untucking is more casual. If your shirt is longer in the back than the front, then it was definitely designed to be tucked.
  • Solid colours are good. Having a well-stocked selection of basic solid colours such as the old reliable, navy, black, or whites are great. They can go with both jeans and trousers and won’t clash with their designs.
  • Don’t be scared to experiment with pastel colours. It’s widely accepted today that pastel colours as part of a man’s fashion line up are cool and chic. Light breezy colours such as pinks and lemons and light shades of blue can really compliment any guys look.
Good Polo Shirts are worth investing in

Cheap means cheap. Be prepared to pay for a good quality polo shirt that will stand the test of time and maintain their shape after many washes.

With the current fashion market place flooded with cheap costing polo shirts, you want a shirt that is going to stand the test of time.

Be prepared to pay at least €60 upwards for a good quality.

Check your Polo shirt and always check to see if it is a piece of sustainable fashion. This is good for the environment.

Whether you decide to dress up or down, the Polo shirt is a great choice for modern day smart casual fashion wear.

They are versatile enough that they can be worn with shorts, jeans or trousers that will ensure a great overall fashion look day or night!

How to choose the right polo shirt for you