Useful eyeliner hacks to consider

Useful eyeliner hacks to consider

Useful eyeliner hacks to consider

Useful eyeliner hacks to consider. All ladies who are preparing for the day or that great night out simply love tricks that can reduce the time they spend getting ready as part of their beauty ritual.

Whether added as part of your morning beauty ritual, the application of your eyeliner can all go wrong with one simple slip of the hand and you don’t and that to happen.

We have put together some simple and easy beauty hacks below that can help you find perfection in a short time by following these tips.

Find a spoon and use it

A simple kitchen utensil like the common spoon can be used as a guide for the perfect eyeliner flick too. Simply line up the straight handle underneath the outer corner of your eye to create the sharp and straight underside of your flick. Then use it’s curved head to trace from the pointed tip back towards your lash line. Then all you have to do is fill in the outline!

Try and eyeliner guard

A good eyeliner guard that is steady to hold is good. Grip close to your eyes as you draw your lines. You also have the option of straight and curved edges to customise your own personal liner look.

Choose a floss holder

One of latest eyeliner hacks is to use is a floss holder. By simply using one of these you coat the floss with your eyeliner and stamp it carefully against the outer corner of your eye to achieve that perfect flick.

Then repeat this step just above the original line so that the ends meet. The simply fill in the gap with your liquid eyeliner. However, make sure your floss isn’t oily which could cause the eyeliner to smudge or irritate the eyes.

Use cotton buds to clean up

Whenever you are applying beauty products, mishaps do have a tendency to happen, The next time you draw your flick too thick or crooked, don’t rub it with your finger or smudge it to a point beyond repair.

Pick up a pointed recyclable cotton buds, dip the pointed end into some lukewarm water or make-up remover and then swipe it in one smooth stroke parallel to the line you want to create ensuring you remove away any excess to leave a clean, sharp line behind.

Useful eyeliner hacks to consider

Go sticky tape

For this one to work successfully you’ll need to apply your eye make-up first and then move on to your foundation to ensure the tape doesn’t remove any of your make-up.

Before drawing your lines, stick a small piece of sticky tape diagonally on the outer corner of each eye. Then apply your eyeliner, letting any mistakes slip straight onto the tape, rather than on the skin. Then once it’s peeled away, all unwanted liner will be taken off with it.

Experiment with new colours

Ok, we know that black liner is the common choice of eyeliner by many, however, a grey shade can actually be very flattering on tired or ageing eyes because it’s less harsh.

Grey also provides a more subtle line to keep eyes looking defined, but still big and youthful. Brown is another option for a more natural, daytime look. Both are more forgiving when it comes to wonky lines. By lining green eyes with purple can make them look greener as will blue liner on blue eyes.

White is bright

White liner on your waterline can make tired eyes look brighter and small eyes look bigger. Not to mention if you apply it all over your eyelid pre-eyeshadow.

Set your liner with eyeshadow

For those of you looking for a bit more longevity from your eyeliner look, lightly dust over it with a matching eyeshadow colour to hold it in place.

Join the dots

Use the tip of your liner to create a line of dots across your lash line. All you have to do then is join the dots up to create a straight and perfect finish!

Whether you see applying eyeliner a chore, or a love part of the day or night, the above tips can help you avoid mistakes to give you than great day to night eyeliner look to enjoy!

Useful eyeliner hacks to consider