How to get the right underwear for your body

How to get the right underwear for your body

How to get the right underwear for your body

How to get the right underwear for your body. When it comes to choosing the right underwear or garment that suits your body type, most guys don’t really see it as a big deal and are willing to wear anything that looks ok and does the job.

However, whether you are a brief, trunk or boxer guy, you need to make sure the fit, style and fabric is right for you given you will be wearing the all day and night long.

Most fellas underestimate the importance and power of good comfortable underwear. Reliable underwear is a staple item, yet lots of men tend to forget this. Most guys never really stop to consider whether the underwear they are wearing is right for them.

Whether it’s discovering underwear that compliments your shape, providing enough support throughout the day, or simply allowing your skin to breathe when you’re active, it’s important to have a reliable and assorted range in your drawer to call upon when needed.

How to get the right underwear for your body

Get the fabric right

Today, Men’s underwear is available in a range of different fabrics which range from fine cottons to leather. Getting the right material for your undies that feels and looks best can never be under-estimated. The most common materials found in Men’s underwear today are

  • Cotton: Men’s cotton underwear is usually soft and lets your skin downstairs breathe. Most commonly the standard underwear is either 100% cotton or a material mix blend of cotton. Lots of men’s cotton underwear today comes with a elastane waistband that allows for stretch and comfort to the waist. For Men who like to work out or play sports, cotton absorbs moisture easily, so it’s probably not an ideal fabric choice for underwear fabric when exercising.
  • Polyester: This is another material used in men’s underwear that is usually mixed with polyester fabrics. It is nice and stretchy material which allows for more flexibility when on. It’s slim and moisture-wicking fabric makes it nice and cooling underwear.
  • Modal: This offer less support than cotton material. However, it does have a nice soft feel to it and is perfect for everyday usage.
  • Nylon: This has a silky and smooth effect and feel about it but it can be less sensitive to the skin. The plus side to Nylon is its durability and stretchiness and makes it a good choice for men who like to work out down the gym
  • Silk: This is the king of luxury in Men’s underwear. It’s not only great to touch, but also guarantees a certain sense of sexiness because of its soft fabric. This is not really ideal for everyday use but great for those special occasions.
Boxers Versus Briefs argument

Men’s underwear styles have come a long way in design over the past decade and their fit and shape can make all the difference to the wearer. So, what’s the difference between boxer shorts and briefs and how do you tell what are the best for you?

First of all, the fabric of your underwear must not only be breathable but soft and gentle on your skin. It must also work properly under the clothes you are wearing to ensure they flatter your shape and be suitable for what you’re doing for that specific day.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding your next type of underwear for your draw.

Boxer Shorts

If you are into comfort and practicality, then boxer shorts are a popular choice of underwear because they provide more freedom to the lower area. Their baggy material allows the skin to breathe which in turn creates a more comfort to the area of your package.

Unlike briefs, most boxer designs come with a quick exit area flap at the front. However, be aware that although it allows the flow of air to circumvent the lower region, they do not offer much support. There are usually two types of boxer shorts to choose from.

  • Slim Fit: These are more fitted round the leg area and provide a little more freedom that the brief.
  • Casual Fit: These are the most comfortable boxers. They are loose fitting that allows all round movement

Briefs are certainly making a comeback in the world of fashion. The brief offers comfort and support while covering all areas around your vital package and bum. They provide more assistance of movement to your legs.

They are the best in comfortable men’s underwear and are designed in three different styles that include low, mid and full rise, with each offering different benefits to the wearer.

  • Low Rise Boxer Briefs: These are perfect for those fells who fancy enhancing their parcel size. This design underwear comes in a low cut that allows them to sit at the bottom of your hipbone.
  • Mid Rise Briefs: These babies offer a little more coverage and come up to your waistline. They still work as breathable underwear.
  • Full Rise Briefs: These offer more coverage and come with the band sitting below your bellybutton. These are perfect for those fellas who want to create the illusion of having a slimmer waist.

Just a though. While briefs are making a comeback against the boxer short, it’s important to remember that they should never ever look like you’re wearing a nappy and have that saggy look about them. If this is the case, then either reconsider your choice of material in your briefs or switch back to boxer shorts.


How to get the right underwear for your body