The best places to buy sustainable sportswear

The best places to buy sustainable sportswear

The best places to buy sustainable sportswear

The best places to buy sustainable sportswear. We live in a world that is waking up to the fact that the clothes that we buy have moral and ecological impact on the planet.

Sports manufactures are starting to cop themselves on for the demand and need of sustainable sports fashion wear.

In days gone by it was just a matter of picking out our favourite pair of sports boots or clothing based on the look and feel of the garment.

The best places to buy sustainable sportswear

The good news is that we are all becoming aware of the impact and damage that “throw away fashion” has on our environment.

Always think sustainability 

This is leading to sports companies now focusing more on organic materials, eco-friendly production cycles, and ethical working conditions when producing our sportswear.

For some companies it that means transforming plastic bottles into nylon.

Others set out to consume less water in their manufacturing processes.

Some opt to open up warehouses in counties where they operate.

In turn this reduces their carbon footprints given it shorten the supply chain between themselves and their customers.

These companies are striving to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice performance in styling to become ethically conscious.

The onus is also on the consumer to recognise and appreciate that the price of ethical and sustainable clothing.

Love the planet in which we live

There are ways in which you can become more eco aware about the way you buy your fashion.

We have picked out some of the best sustainable companies who provide the latest and best in men’s and women’s sportswear for you to check out.

All of these companies produce ethical and fashion sustainable clothing.



Founded back in 1949, this German sportswear company are one of the biggest sports manufactures in the world today.

They specialise in producing men’s, women’s and children’s sportswear.

This includes anything to sports shoes to hoodies, leggings, t-shirts and jackets and accessories.

In recent years, Adidas have invested major money in facilitating and including sustainable and ethical fashion.

This is all part of their new approach to sports and leisure fashion.

They have already pledged to only use recycled plastics in their products by 2024.

Think about making that chance



Patagonia, Inc. is an American clothing and fashion company that specialises in producing outdoor and sports clothing.

Founded back in 1973 Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia is today one of the world leading producers of sustainable and ethical clothing.

Using recycled material their collections, their affordable clothing are enjoyable outdoor wear.


Peak+Flow logo


As a relatively new company, Peak+Flow are a sustainable activewear brand that only uses recycled and organic materials.

These being produced in ethical factories.

At Peak+Flow, being sustainability isn’t just about the selection of better materials and where they create the product.

It’s also about creating clothing that is built to last, cross-functional and reduces how much you need in your wardrobe.

Their sporting fashion line-ups for men and women include swimsuits, leggings, shorts, vests, sports bras and tees.

Love the world in which we live


BAM Clothing logo


This UK sustainable fashion company known as BAM launched back in June 2006.

As super, super soft and kind to skin, BAM clothing is made from bamboo cotton.

This is moisture wicking that is breathable and antibacterial that is good for the environment.

With bamboo being the fastest growing plant in the world, it grows naturally.

This means it is 100% biodegradable and only needs rain water to grow.

Their clothing range that caters for both men and women is super cool and also chafe free.


Kathmandu logo


Born in New Zealand over 30 years ago, Kathmandu’s are dedicated to sustainable business practices and positive social impact.

in 2018 they recycled 6.7 million bottles and are now 80% towards their target of achieving zero waste towards landfill target.

Their outdoor sports and activewear collection cater for the whole family.

This includes men and women’s jackets, shirts, tops and footwear as part of their active sportswear collection.

Consider your next sports purchase 

The above 5 companies are leading the way in eco and fashion sustainability.

Of course other sportswear company products may be cheaper.

As human beings our choices will have some type of environmental impact on the world we live in for generations to come.


The best places to buy sustainable sportswear