How to achieve that great hoodie look

How to achieve that great hoodie look

How to achieve that great hoodie look

How to achieve that great hoodie look. Now that we are approaching the autumn months where extra laying is essential to keep us nice and warm as we go about the business of either looking great to working out, having the right hoodie that fits your body style and shape is important for your overall great look finish.

Never think it’s just a matter of donning one off the peg in a shop and saying “sure it will be grand” as fashion doesn’t work that way.

You are investing your money in a top, so you need to make sure you are maximising your look. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a hoodie that will not only make you look great put feel confident too!

What Hoodie is best suited to your body type?

The very first step to you need to look for when buying a hoodie is finding that one that is good quality and won’t lose shape the first time it is washed. Second up is understanding your own body size and this is key in getting that great look.

Look at your own height

Short Men

Small is good but if you are short in build the first rule is “Don’t by an oversized or baggy hoodie” as this will only give you an overall wider appearance. Instead consider a hoodie that sits just below your belt line with its sleeves finishing at the base of your thumb. This gives an overall slim fit appearance.

Tall Men

If your size is tall or tallish then you need to look for that hoodie that has the right overall length. Consider something that comes in an oversize or long finish but ensure that it doesn’t sit above your belt line.

This is where the quality of the material is important as you don’t want it shrinking after its first wash where you end up with a belly top of something that just looks ridiculous. If you think there is a possibility of the material shrinking during its first trip to the wash then consider the next size up.

Weight your size up 

If you are of a slim or average build then consider a hoodie that comes in a slim or fitted size. This will help avoid sagging to the waist which will make your body size look horizontally bigger than you really are. If you are packing extra body muscle, then a slim fit hoodie will do the trick. Zip up Hoodies are always a good option

If your look says you are on the heavier side of things (which is OK by the way) then you need to ensure that your choice of hoodie does not draw attention to midriff (belly area)

The main preference here is to get that hoodie that feels comfortable but at the same time compliments your figure. Consider a hoodie a step down from your normal size which will deflect attention away from your physique which does work if you are tall.

However, if you are short with a broader finish then try the reverse and get something that sits tight to your body which will actually make you look taller than you are!

Styling your Hoodie

So, the most popular colours for hoodies today for men are white, grey, navy or black. Here are some match tips where you can combine your hoodie look to give it that completed edged finish.

The White hoodie: The jury is out on white hoodies for us as they are hard to keep clean and are not really practical for day or sportswear attire. However, they can look great when paired with a black jacket and blue denims and trainers. This gives it more of a daytime casual look. Careful not to spill anything on it as they stain easily.

The Grey hoodie: This is more like it and their overall look is timeless. A grey hoodie is a great extension to a man’s casual daywear collection and one of our favourites. Whether paired with blue jeans and trainers to adding brown boots and chinos while hanging with your buddies, a grey hoodie stands the test of time with any great fashion look for men.

The Navy hoodie: This is our favourite given its simple fashion approach to day or evening casual wear. It goes with almost any type of colour jeans. Add trainers or boots for that great overall fashion finish.

The Black hoodie: This is the accepted hoodie of them all. It can make you look slimmer but make sure to break the overall black look with different coloured jeans. It’s safe, it’s sound and accepted!

The above are just some tips to help all you guys achieve that great hoodie fashion look. Whether its out watching a game with the lads in the pub, to chilling as you go about your daily chores, the hoodie is a great practical piece of daily fashion wear to keep you warm and snug during the months ahead!