Essential items to have in your gym capsule wardrobe

Essential items to have in your gym capsule wardrobe

Essential items to have in your gym capsule wardrobe

Essential items to have in your gym capsule wardrobe. There are many reasons why you should simplify your wardrobe. Not only will you have quality clothing and more money in your pocket, but you’ll have less hassle when getting ready.

A fitness capsule wardrobe is a gym wardrobe that is easy to throw in a bag before heading out the door. It’s also stylish enough to give you some self-confidence when up against more experienced gym-goers. Here’s how you can start building your own gym capsule wardrobe.


When choosing shorts for the gym, go for the sweet spot, mid-thigh. This length is ideal as it won’t impede your movement on the treadmill. You are also mot restricted when squatting or grabbing a dumbbell.

To increase your level of comfort, get yourself a pair of shorts equipped with an internal mesh. An antibacterial fabric will ensure that your clothes don’t smell if you forget to bring them home after the gym.


Your choice of footwear will depend on the type of exercise you do. If you are into weights and don’t do much cardio, you can get away with almost any flat-soled pair of shoes.

However, if cardio is your thing, you need to wear running shoes. They will help you keep appropriate form, which can reduce the risk of injury. Make sure your shoes are not too tight, as your feet swell slightly when exercising.


When it comes to the gym, there are two types of socks that are acceptable – ankle socks or no-show ones. If you choose ankle socks, make sure that they match your shorts and shoes. The colour should never be lighter.

You don’t have to worry about no-show socks, as they won’t break the lines your shoes create when worn.


A lot of workout shirts are cut tighter on the arms, with a strong V-taper and long length. They’re comfortable, flatter your muscles and won’t ride up when exercising.

Most gym tees are great at stretching throughout various exercises without interfering with your technique. Remember that you want a top that is breathable and won’t feel uncomfortable.


Carting your gym gear in a handy bag is the finishing touch to a perfect fitness wardrobe. A high-quality gym bag is a must for any guy who takes his fitness seriously. It should have an inner seal to keep any untoward smells at bay and ideally have an antibacterial lining.

This is especially important if you are throwing your bag under your desk following a lunchtime workout.

Your gym bag should have a separate shoe compartment or large zipped pocket. As mentioned, this is important if you’re sneaking off at lunchtime for a quick workout. The last thing you want is mud getting on your work shirt.