Choose the right gym shoes for you

Choose the right gym shoes for you

Choose the right gym shoes for you

Choose the right gym shoes for you As the night’s get shorter, athletes will return to the gym for their daily workouts.

Each gym work out area surfaces differ to that of that of the park or footpath. They tend to be rubberier than that of grit or stone found outdoors.

Your chosen activity in the gym will also determine the type of gym shoe you require.

Getting the right gym shoe for you is extremely important.

As well as them matching gym outfit, you need a shoe that supplies support to your feet. We have picked out a few tips for you to take on board when choosing your next gym shoes.

Time on the Treadmill

If you devout most of time to the treadmill when you visit the gym then you should invest in good quality running trainers.

These will lend grip to the undersole of the shoe which will help stop slippages Their design needs to keep your foot from rolling inward while running.

Their material needs to be breathable to allow your foot to breath. This will help reduce sweat and horrible foot odours. Get your feet measured every year to make sure the show size you pick is correct.

Remember, every foot is different so it’s important to “try before you buy” so you get the shoe that’s right for you.

Gym class workouts

Regardless of the gym class you choose, you need a shoe that provides great support. Whether its cardio or strength-training classes, that shoe has to be able to do their thing when you are being put through your paces.

With constant jumping, jolting and side-to-side movements during your classes, you will reply on good support. Shoes with provide grip, cushioning and support should be your choice.

Make sure you choice of shoe allows for toe optimal movement in class. Your shoe should offer arch and ankle support without the added weight in its design. They must be light enough to keep your feet from feeling heavy or overheated.

Time on the weight machines

For any person lifting weights, it’s extremely important that you have a firm and flat grip to the surface.
This ensures your stance offers you a safe grip which is important if you are lifting heavy weights. Any minor slip can result in damage to your body.

Avoid high-tech shoes with thick-soles. Choose a shoe that adds a good grip to its flat sole. This will provide ample balance to your feet when lifting heavy weights.

Important tips

As we pointed out earlier, good athletes always get their feet size checked every year. Your foot size can vary due to weight loss.

  • Always get fitted for shoes in the afternoon or evening. This gives a true account of your proper shoe size.
  • Pick a pair of gym shoes that are just for the gym. Don’t mix them as part of your normal casual day wear shoe.
  • Always choose a shoe that fits right and is comfortable. Make sure you love your shoes as you won’t wear them if you don’t

Choose the right gym shoes for you