The right way to wash your hair

The right way to wash your hair

The right way to wash your hair

The right way to wash your hair. All sports men and women accumulate dirt and sweat as part of their physical activity in sports. Whether you are playing on the pitch or working out your hair is going to get dirty (unless your bald)

Getting that great look is vital to us all. Maintaining your hair look is important to most but have you ever wondered about the correct way to wash your hair?

The reason hair looks so good after a trip to the hairdressers is because the hairdresser is a professional. They understand what it takes to make your hair look great, it’s their job. They are fully trained in the art of great looking hair.

We take a look at how you at home can make your hair look super fab by following the following simple tips.
Wash less means more

Whether you are a man or women, you don’t have to wash your hair every day. The majority of us wash our hair way too much.

Experts suggest that washing your hair just three times a week is suffice for most hair types. Given your hair produces more oil when washed too frequently, it can make it look greasy.

Get the water temperature just right

We all love a hot steamy shower right? However, this can have a negative effect on your hair. By exposing your hair to high temperatures can leave it looking dry and lifeless.

It can also cause any dyes in your hair to fade. Top stylists recommend that you keep the water temperature warm opposed to hot.

It’s recommended that just before you step out of the shower, rinse your hair with a blast of cold water. While warm water opens up the hair cuticle, the cold water seals it closed.

This helps lock in the moisture to your hair. This will have long term benefits your hair.

Some leading experts also recommend that it is worth investing in water filters for people who like to wash their hair and body regularly.

Filters help eliminate chlorine and synthetic chemicals that is often found in shower water. This is not only good for your hair but skin too!

The right way to wash your hair

Massage the Scalp

Healthy hair begins at the scalp. Always be tender in the maintenance of your hair, especially when washing at the root. Never use your nails and don’t massage the scalp too firmly. It’s important you only apply minimal pressure.

While you scalp may feel dirty, it isn’t as bad a s think. Two goes of gentle shampooing normally does the trick in cleaning a dirty scalp.

The first is merely to remove any build-up of dirty so take your time doing this. Lend about 2-3 minutes massaging. This also has an added benefit.

Massaging can help increase the blood flow that can help stimulate your hair growth.

Select a shampoo to suit your hair type

Avoid the myth that the right shampoo isn’t important because it is. It’s vital to identify what type of hair you have first. This will help determine the shampoo for your needs.

Oily Hair: If you have oily hair, then consider a purifying shampoo. Try and avoid those shampoos that are overly-hydrating or moisturising.

Dry Hair: If your hair is dry, then you may want to choose the the opposite. Shampoos with smoothing and moisturising formulas are your type.

Coarse Hair: If your hair is Coarse in type, this can also win with shampoos with these same attributes. Check the label of your shampoo. See if it contains about hydrating, By using a shampoo that has moisture in it will make your hair more manageable.

Fine Hair: If you hair is more finer, choose a shampoo that is more gentle. Only use small dabs as not to weigh down your strands.

Bleached Hair: If your hair is bleached then you may consider a clarifying shampoo. This will help prevent unwanted yellow tones. Go for a light clarifying shampoo which should only be used occasionally. Make sure to use it sparingly so it doesn’t dry out your scalp.

Let your conditioner set for seven minutes

You have come this far so a little more time waiting for your conditioner to work will be worth it. Unlike shampoo, it’s not about a quick massage and rinse off.

Start by applying your conditioner downward towards the ends of your hair. While your conditioner is still in your hair, Detangle it by using use a wide tooth comb.

Leave your conditioner in and wrap your hair up in a towel for seven minutes. Getting the time right is important. Leaving it in any longer may leave residue in your hair.

Towel dry is best

You have finished showering but you are not quite finished yet. The way you complete your hair after wash is important to its overall health and appearance.

You have rinsed and now it’s time to dry using a towel. If you have to use a dryer to dry your hair, always use a heat protectant on your hair.

Remember, NEVER use hot appliances like straighteners on your hair if slightly damp. Your hair fully dry before applying such heat. Just worth reminding you!


The right way to wash your hair