Sustainable fashion shopping tips

Sustainable fashion shopping tips

Sustainable fashion shopping tips

Sustainable fashion shopping tips. When it comes to shopping for ethical fashion, most of might know the basic rules of checking the material of the item you are buying.

However, being sustainably and ethically aware about the clothes we wear runs much deeper.

Recyclable is good

Although a piece of fashion you are looking to purchase may be made from recyclable material, it may be produced in factories that are less friendly to their workers.

By passing on a piece of your favourite fashion instead of binning it where it could end up as part has harmful landfill, is another way to be fashion sustainable.

We have put together some quick tips for you to think about when buying your next piece of fashion or sportswear and accessories.

Sustainable fashion shopping tips

Learn to educate yourself

As people who shop for fashion on a regular basis know, things move fast in the fashion world. Keeping up to changes in practice by certain fashion manufactures can be difficult.

Learn to educate yourself by researching the ethical code of each fashion label and see if they are compliant with industry regulations. If a company does not care about the environment, then they really are not too concerned about you as the customer either.

Make yourself aware of the working conditions of workers

This again boils down to researching each manufactures work practices. This is easily done and by browsing their website. Look for their sustainable fashion pages.

This should tell you how their fashion items are sourced and produced and if they work on a “fair pay” basis.

Any fashion brand that is worth their salt has a sustainability program. If they don’t then stay away and purchase from a label that does.

Go eco-friendly fabrics and material

All environmental impact of the clothes produced in the fashion is mainly determined by the production of chemicals. Only choose natural and biodegradable materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, Tencel, bamboo and wool.

Always check the label of the garment or product to see the information about the product This may also be available on the labels own website.

Look for memberships to organisations

Any fashion label or brand who promotes sustainable and ethical fashion as part of their company ethos will display logos or badges of organisations they are connection to who promote sustainable fashion.

Check to see which categories your preferred label is part of. If they tick all the right boxes then run with them. One’s to watch out for are:

  • The Fair Trade Organisation
  • Fair Trade Federation
  • Freedom United
  • Global Organic Textiles Standards
  • International Labour Organisation
  • World Fair Trade Organisation

While many fashion labels may not be part of all of these groups, if they have an affiliation to any shows they are working towards being more fashion sustainability.

Choose quality over quantity

This is the big buzz word at the moment and certainly one to remember. Good quality garments that are ethically made from sustainable material means they are of good quality given the time and process gone in to making them.

They may be a bit more expensive but that’s because everyone is getting a fair piece of the pie. It’s far better to have 5 pieces of good quality clothing you are going to get good wear from that lots of “cheap throw away garments.

Get thrifty with your money

If you are the person who likes to be both eco-conscious and budget conscious, used clothes are a great alternative. Second-hand clothing is big business today.

Instead of people throwing away their old clothing, they now prefer to give it to charity shops to help raise money for good causes.

This cuts down on them heading towards landfill sites which is great for the environment. Bargains are always to be had at A good second-hand charity shop.

They cater from anything from new look to vintage clothing. Set you own style and start a trend of your own.

Swap unwanted clothing with friends or relatives

So, by simply swapping clothes with your friends, cousins or relations means you are playing your part in becoming more fashion sustainable.

This is very popular with the younger generation (especially young girls). They are swapping clothes all the time so follow their lead and do your bit for the environment.


Sustainable fashion shopping tips