Choosing the right winter coat for you

Choosing the right winter coat for you

Choosing the right winter coat for you

Choosing the right winter coat for you. With Autumn approaching it’s time to start thinking about wrapping up for the winter months ahead.

A good coat is an important garment in maintaining your cool stylish look in the cold weather.

It’s an important buying decision you will make this season and getting the coat to suit your style and look is essential.

A well designed coat can truly elevate your style so investing well is part of the process of looking good.

It nice coat can really style your mood and even put together your look on days that you don’t really feel like dressing up.

As the saying goes “a good coat will make an entrance and leave an impression.”

As well as that you need it to be durable so can wear it many times over the season.

Before you make that all important purchase there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Am I looking for something classic or trendy?

We recommend that if you are working to tight budget that you choose something more classic than trendy. It will stand the test of time and will be good for many seasons to come.

Are you prepared to invest in quality?

A well designed and constructed coat can last for several years. If you choose something that is not good material you know it’s not designed to last. Buy spending a few extra bob on a good quality coat will ensure it will last for years to come.

How Practical Does My Coat Need To Be?

Think about the need of a good coat. What do you want it for? Do you need it as a daily piece of apparel for work and going out? Deciding the functionality your coat is very important. You need to consider things like

Does it need to be a neutral or a plain design to ensure it blends with your wardrobe line ups?
  • Is it a warm coat that will keep you snug on those cold winter days.
  • Can I wear it for work and nights out over my other outfits?
  • Depending on your size and height, do I need a long or short coat?

Its decision, decisions, but very important ones to consider before you spend your hard earned cash on that winter warmer that is going to show off your fashion look during the dark and cold months ahead.

We have put together some suggestions to consider when choosing your coat for the season ahead

Things to consider
  • Choose a regular coat that you will be able to wear during the day and will be your main winter coat.
  • The ideal length of your winter coat is around knee-height or mid-thigh. This can be worn as a dressy or casual coat. This obviously depends on your own personal style.
  • Make sure that you like it. If you don’t fall in love with your coat then you are not going to wear it.
  • Make sure it’s material is durable and will keep out the cold. There is nothing worse than having a coat that looks great but doesn’t serve it’s true purpose.
  • Choose sustainable material where you can. There are lots of stylish coats out there that are made from recyclable material. It’s good for the environment plus you will be doing your bit to be fashion sustainable.
  • Ask yourself if your choice of coat will be fashionable for seasons to come. A clever investment is always good. Buying a coat that will stand the test of time is a good investment.

With so many different styles and materials to choose from, getting the right coat for your own individual look is important. Whatever you choose, make sure you love it.


Choosing the right winter coat for you