At GAA exCHANGE, you can exchange, sell or give away anything from unwanted clothing to fashion accessories in Ireland free of charge. It’s a great way to clear out your wardrobe and trade or exchange your items for cash.
Simply Register >> Upload Your Item Details >> Wait For A Response.
Why not check out our 12 STEP guide below for even more details of how it works!


Select your items 

You have been threatening to do it for months now but here’s your opportunity to turn your unwanted GAA items into currency. It can be anything from that hurley you no longer require to a club jersey that no longer fits you. All you have to do is select items you know you are no longer going to use and exchange it or sell it to someone else. As long as it’s in good condition and you think someone else would enjoy it, then it’s perfect to trade.


Take good quality photos

You are about to sell or exchange your item, so you want to make sure it’s seen in the best possible light by a potential customer. Ensure the photos of the item you are selling are bright and easy on the eye. Some people prefer to model their items to give it their best look. This is always good but remember to hide your face and concentrate on getting the best photos of your items from different angles. This helps potential customers to get a good overview of the item on offer.


Register as a user

This is so easy and simple to do and will only take you about 60 seconds to complete. Make sure to complete all of your details requested. You will be required to generate your own user name and password. Please keep your password safe as this gives you direct access to your account. Once you have completed the registration process you will receive a confirmation e-mail from GAA exCHANGE to validate your account.


Your own account

Once your account is live, you will be able to communicate with other users on our site. Be careful not to exchange to much personal information with other people. If they are interested in finding out more about your item then they can contact you via your GAA exCHANGE account. This will save you from sharing personal details to anyone unless you want to directly.


Upload your photos

Again this is another simple process to do. We have even provided you with a “cropping tool” so you can cut your photo to give it that perfect look. Remember, the better the photo the more chance it will have of being looked at. Make sure you own the publishing rights to the photos you are posting. Do not post photos of your items morn by other people.


Detail your item the right way

Remember you add as much deatils as possible for your fashion item. The more you add to your description, the more likely you are to get an offer.
Be extremely descriptive about the item – tell us as much about it as you possibly can. Choose it’s category – or choose as many as you want to descibe the item.
Describe it’s colour, shape, size and style. What brand is it? What is it’s condition? Was it expensive for you to buy or did you pick it up in a vintage store?
Also, don’t forget to chose what you’d like in return!


Congratulations – your item is now live on GAA exCHANGE!

Now that your item is live, all you have to do is sit back and wait for interested parties to contact you via your user account. At this point you can communicate between yourselves. We always encourage people to be vigilant when chatting to other users. Keep the conversation on the item you are selling or buying.

step 8

Transactions between users

OK, you have a potential customer or you have seen something who would like to buy or exchange with someone else. As a meeting point, we do not charge any users for using our service. Whatever proceeds you make from the sale of your item is 100% yours. How you decide to exchange items with other users is totally up to you as is not part of this process. However, we have put together some tips that we think you should consider before buying, selling or exchanging good with another party.

step 9


If you are planning to meet someone to exchange goods, we reccommend you have been paid in full for the item before you meet. This can be done via a trusted payment system like PayPal or Stripe. Although cash is temping, a secure on-line payment is better. It means you have some come back in case the product you have bought is not what you thought you were buying. If you decide to buy an item in cash or exchange a fashion item, always view the goods in person first so you are 100% happy. Then pay the person.

step 10

Personal safety

ALWAYS have as much details about the person you are meeting (like a mobile telephone number or valid e-mail address) before you meet.
Arrange to meet during daylight hours in a busy place and always let someone else know where you are going. This is so important.

step 11

Always check the goods (Peace of mind)

Always check the goods you have bought when you meet with the seller. Don’t wait until you get home to check. If you have any queries regarding the product you can notify the seller there and then. It save hassle later on. If you are selling a product and unable to meet with the purchaser, always use a recorded delivery provider. This way you can track your item in transit. The buyer will have to acknowledge receipt upon arrival. This also applies to someone buying goods. If you are unable to meet them, insist that the item you are buying is delivered by recorded delivery and agree a delivery time between the seller and yourself for the items to arrive to you.

step 12


Always remember to update your own profile area and remove any items from your dashboard that you no longer want to sell or exchange!

Best of luck – you can now start exCHANGING!